High-quality embossing, embroidery or UVcolor printing. We put your logo in perfect implementation to your menu

high-quality refined

We put your logo on the menu.

Foil Blocking with or without colour
Digital print under the laminate
Colour print on wood, aluminium, acrylic and stone
Colour print in die-cut on linen or leather
Offset printing for larger orders

Just send us your logo as a vector or pixel file. Please note that text has to be vectorized or as a pixel file has a minimum resolution of 300 dpi in its final size.

Embossing motifs

Here you will find a variety of matching motifs and stamps. Simply download the PDF and choose. All motifs are sorted alphabetically, by subject groups.

Embossing colors

Here is a selection of colors. The information are in Pantone colors, which can be selected in a Pantone color guides.